R 20th Century

TriBeCa, New York, NY

Michael Reynolds’’, of Wallpaper Magazine fame, curatorial debut, Sticks, Stones, Bones – an exhibition of extraordinary objects from antiquity to today – completely transformed R 20th Century Gallery from September to November 2008.

Eye-catching, and mischievously sophisticated hand printed wallpaper from Flavor Paper highlighted custom built vignettes that showcased exquisite pairings of objects, design and art in imaginative and intuitive ways. Flower of Love in Cookies & Cream was featured as the perfect pairing with a wide variety of items ranging from a 4th century BC Arabian sandstone ram with natural items like whale vertebrae to a Roman Marble Statue of a Goddess, 2nd century AD. Elysian Fields in Antique Pink looked magnificent with Victoria Sambunaris’ cave photographs, multi-ton Brazilian crystals, and Paul Tuttle’s 1957 sofa.

R 20th Century Gallery typically specializes in an international selection of unique and well-crafted objects, lighting and furniture from the mid-century modern movement. Michael’s exquisite grouping of fine art, design, antiquities and natural phenomena resulted in a unique re-imagining of the modern gallery context. The response was amazing and a truly unique R experience!