Kips Bay Decorator Show House | 2024

New York


Despite what some might say, Manhattan’s Upper East Side isn't so bad! After all, it is often the locale for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House, the design industry's annual crème de la crème event that raises money for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for young people by providing educational and developmental programs. For its 49th extravaganza, we had the pleasure of partnering with the glamorous, global and good time interior designer Lucinda Loya (one of 24 top talents invited to be a part of the lauded affair) to add some Flavor to her “Enchanted Roots” showcase - inclusive of the grand staircase, second floor landing / lounge and powder room. Sounds like a lot. It was. But it grew to be a boundary pushing passion project that we are truly grateful and proud to be a part of. 

The vibe for all three zones zeroed in on livable luxury, timeless yet transportive. While all are within our wheelhouse, we expanded our artistic acumen to achieve a look that’s a first for us - in scale and style. Specifically, we’re talking about the mural that envelops the staircase…so let’s start there. 

Titled ‘Mirror Lake,’ the custom masterpiece is composed of eight 19th century etchings that FP Founder and Creative Director, Jon Sherman, researched and unearthed from old books, and then meticulously and harmoniously (perhaps painstakingly) fashioned into one unified perspective over the course of countless weeks. The panoramic paper spans vistas from California to Minnesota; together, all achieve a scenic that escapes any sense of time and place, and rather exists in its own distinct magical world. The immersive design dazzles with a multi-story waterfall that allows two very different vantage points depending on where the viewer is in the home. The pathway up or down the stairs provides a breathtaking walk through a mountainous lakeside with a constant and consistent change of terrain. While the art is inherently serene, we worked with Lucinda to create a soft, golden-beige colorway so as to not overwhelm the space while still adding depth and sophistication. And, since sustainability is paramount to both of us and our practices, we printed the mural on an eco-friendly non-woven material. The result is an intentional ode to the integrity and historic aesthetic of the neo-Georgian townhouse - with a modern wink by enlarging the etching concept to move the work forward for today’s interiors. See, we have a softer side.

That said, given the nature of powder rooms and how the space lends itself to some fun, we decided to wash it with more of the classic Flavor zest, top down. We say it all the time because we mean it people, don’t forget the ceiling! For that we rolled with a sexy, smoky custom version of our Of Quartz It Is pattern (we call this color Crystal) that’s printed on mirrored Chrome Mylar to draw the light and eye up, and to add an unexpected pop. We paired that stunner with a fully fresh design created in collab with Lucinda for the show house and now any house and beyond - say hello to Rift! It’s hypnotic, contemporary yet traditional-ish, maybe a little naughty and a lot of nice. Holistically, its aesthetic was a thoughtful complement to the mural in color and texture with its linework, as well as the ceiling for which its hue was informed by the “cracks.”

Three disparate designs working together to create a cohesive and eye-catching experience that delighted all tastes and truly toasted the spirit of the challenge, collaboration and DNA of the celebration: express, embrace and enhance…yourself, your vision, the design community. We think everyone did just that. Above and beyond. Big love and congrats to Lucinda and her team!!! Truly, an honor! 


Please note that Mirror Lake is available for purchase. Due to the highly customized nature of the work we ask that you please email our team at [email protected] to dig into the details.